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Merry Wicked
1. Anyone But Me
2. How Does It Feel
3. Love But Not In Love
4. Say It
5. Door To Charity
6. Want You, Don't Need You
7. Please Ourselves
8. Julie Baby

Recorded in Los Angeles over a period of time, these were originally demos, pieces of music we used, to experiment with new ideas.  Of all the music recorded during that time, I think these best capture the spirit.  Most were recorded late at night. We watched the sun come up many a morning, tired and spent, but feeling good about where we were taking the music, or was the music taking us?

I can't speak for the others, but I felt like I had nothing to lose anymore.

Los Angeles has a way of making you feel like that, especially at 5:00 AM.  I longed to crawl into that secret space where I could clear some ground for the music to come through, to let it bubble up like crude oil from the core of the earth.  Digging for oil, like the hopeful man who has nothing but a old bag of rusty tools, who has spent his last dime on mining rights; digging, hauling, praying, more digging -- thankfully, the music came through in the end.

Liz Larin:  guitars, bass, vocals
Scott Spock:  co-producer, keys, programing
Randy Jacobs:  electric guitars, bass
Mike Lawrence: drums

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