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1. Elevation
2. Labyrinth
3. Curved Space
4. Dinergy
5. Petite Mort


This music was created and inspired by the moments between midnight and dawn. The mood is haunting yet strangely energetic. The sonic pallet here is expansive, floating between worlds that have been and worlds to come, with the voice used as an instrument, in a Pink Floyd meets Peter Gabriel's Passion in the new millennium. This is true 'chill music.'

STELLA 13 (aka Liz Larin)
"Alluring Electronica/Ambient With World Beat Undertones"

The firestorm surrounding recording artist Liz Larin began with her strong live performances and fresh musical vision. She reincarnates once again to, in her words, "reflect a changing world." Stella 13 showcases production and compositional skills, as Liz Larin pulls from influences as diverse as Weather Report, Cocteau Twins, and Phillip Glass.

Recommended if you like ...
* Amon Tobin
* Imogen Heap
* Eluvium
* Portishead

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