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The Story of O-Miz
1. No Wires
2. The Hunger
3. Bliss
4. Pretty Is
5. Real
6. Surprise
7. Love On Through
8. Mary's Garden
9. Golden Boy
10. Better, Better

Memories, fears, dreams, hopes and desires -- 'the story of o-miz' was written and recorded over a two year period as I threw myself back into music upon returning to Detroit. When I turn myself over to it, let it come through, it can startle even me. 'O-Miz' is my alter ego, a futuristic computer sign-off name, a character I've developed through a series of short stories. This is her story. If music is freedom; the freedom to be able to let the humanity come through, with all it's foibles and failings, all it's triumphs and passions, then in expressing the way it truly feels to be alive, we can hopefully connect the dots.

Liz Larin: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming
Robert Tye: guitars
James Simenson: bass
Chuck Bartels: bass
Dave Taylor: drums
Todd Glass: drums
Vinnie Dombroski: additional vocals/drums

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